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Why Remarketing is the Key to Lead Generation


Remarketing, or retargeting, is an excellent way to convert more customers. In an online world where consumers have so much choice, it can be difficult to convert customers on their first visit to your website.

It means that as marketers, we have to track our potential customers’ visits to our site across multiple devices. Lots of consumers will visit on laptops, mobiles and tablets before they make their decision, and that can make it difficult to follow.

It’s also important to encourage users to come back to your website to complete a form, and that’s where remarketing comes in.

What is remarketing?

remarketing your customersThis technique is extremely effective. It involves recontacting someone who has partly filled in your form or has added items to their basket then left the site before completion.

You might have noticed if you’ve added some items to your basket on a website then leave without paying that you get an email telling you the items are still waiting for you. You might also see banners on other web pages reminding you what you’re missing out on.

According to SaleCycle.com, there is a 75.45% abandonment rate across all sectors. That means that if you’re not recontacting these leads, you could be missing out on a lot of revenue.

How can you run remarketing campaigns?

You can use Google AdWords among others to run remarketing campaigns. Adwords allows you to set up display ads for potential customers to see.

Luckily, at Quotatis we do this for you. Every consumer that partially fills in our widget that you host on our page will be retargeted. If they successfully fill in the form, you will be paid for this lead. Simple!

It’s vital that you retarget consumers that almost fill in the entire form. What if they just got distracted? Perhaps they had some concerns and your remarketing strategy can help clear up these problems? Whatever the reason, over 30% of consumers that click on a retargeting display ad convert, so you can’t afford to miss out.

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