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We make integration quick and easy so you can set and forget

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website traffic

Does your website get a high volume of traffic?

Make the most from your audience and connect your visitors with reputable tradespeople or with jobs related to their profession

Integration techniques

Whether you’re generating customer enquiries or offering your members home improvement jobs, integration is quick and easy.

Consumer enquiries
Sign up to Quotatis

1. Sign up to Quotatis

Select integration method

2. Select your integration method (JS, API etc.)

Copy and paste code

3. Copy & paste code onto your site

Optimise your site

4. Optimise your site & generate revenue

Our integration methods work with every website. Become a Quotatis affiliate today – there’s no commitment and you’re paid on performance.

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Style forms
Style forms to match your site

Easy to style the module to fully match your site design

Optimise the site
Optimise the site to increase revenue

Our comprehensive reporting allows you to optimise your site to earn maximum commission

Integration methods
Multiple integration methods

Use API, JavaScript or iFrame on a single theme that you can customise to suit you

Account managers
Professional account managers

To help you maximise your performance

Job boards
Sign up with Quotatis

1. Sign up to Quotatis

Request Job board

2. Request job boards

White label integration

3. White label integration

Display jobs to visitors

4. Display jobs to your visitors and earn

Plug-and-play installation is quick, easy and managed by us, allowing you to start selling verified enquiries via your branded job board immediately.

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Simple implementation
Simple implementation on your site

Designed as a plug-and-play installation for quick and easy integration

Integrate seamlessly
Integrate seamlessly with your site

Our white label job board can 100% match your branding

Track sales
A powerful tool to improve your website

Track the number of sales with an automatic monitoring system

Customise your job board
Thousands of projects every year

Just customise your job board to only display the jobs your visitors are interested in

Quality service
Quality service for tradespeople

Our enquiries are triple-qualified to ensure the jobs listed are ones your visitors will be interested in

Additional advertising
Make the most of your visitors

Additional advertising and revenue opportunities alongside our job board

Boost your marketing activity