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6 Ways to Increase Your Landing Page Lead Conversion


Landing pages are a great tool when it comes to lead conversion. As long as they’re optimised effectively, you can generate enough leads to send to your partners.

Find out 6 ways you can increase your landing page lead conversion and generate more income.

1. Understand where you’re going wrong

If you’re not converting, don’t just stare at the screen hoping something will change. Use online tools to work out how your audience uses your landing pages – you’ll soon see where your visitors leave.

Find out why your visitors leave without converting then try to improve weak areas. You’ll be surprised how a small text or colour change can have a large impact on your lead conversion rates.

2. Match everything up

One mistake some marketers make is to keep their landing pages generic, looking nothing like the ads consumers have clicked on to get to your site. Keep your landing pages and ads consistent – customers will be frustrated by mismatched content.

3. Use social proof

lead conversionLink to your social media profiles and provide testimonials from previous customers on your landing page. Social proof is a huge thing for visitors – they want to see that you have been successful for other customers.

Add sharing buttons if it’s relevant too – customers love to share what they’re up to on social media.

4. Make everything simple

The moment you overcomplicate the process, your conversions will decrease. Make forms simple to complete and only ask questions that you need to know.

A good technique is to put the easy questions first to attract customers and leave the more difficult ones until last.

5. Use design to draw customers in

The look of your site has a huge impact on lead conversion. You want to draw your visitors’ eyes to the important content.

Make buttons and forms stand out with contrasting colours and ensure that your site is easy to read.

6. Make your landing page responsive

So many consumers are using their phones to access websites these days. You need to optimise your landing page for mobile for the ultimate lead conversion rate.
lead conversion on mobile and tablet
Ensure that your site is responsive to every different kind of screen size. If your visitor has to scroll down then along to find the ‘Submit’ button, the chances are they’ll give up.

Ultimately, the important thing is that you must keep up with the analytics of your landing page. Constantly monitor your statistics and find out where you can make changes to stay one step ahead in the game.

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