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5 Reasons to get into Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing refers to the online marketing technique where someone can promote products and services for a commission in return. You can use various types of digital marketing, such as email marketing, display ads, search engine marketing and content marketing.

Here at Quotatis, we work with partners who generate leads on our behalf using affiliate marketing. It’s a great way to earn money and is a fantastic industry to get into.

So what are the benefits of affiliate marketing? We’ve outlined 5 here:

You don’t need to have a marketing background

It will help, but you don’t have to have a background in marketing. Lots of programmes offer step-by-step guides and provide all the materials you need to get started, as well as handling all transactions.

It’s easy to set up

Just find an affiliate programme that offers the verticals you want to generate leads for. Sign up and follow the instructions given to you and you’re ready to go.

The Quotatis programme works like this – just copy and paste our form or banners onto your site. We have a wide range of resources and easy integration techniques ready to use immediately, so you can tailor everything to your needs.
affiliate marketing

Reach a wide audience

Affiliate programmes like ours already have a built-in audience you can reach, so you’ll increase your brand’s awareness.

Little to no investment

Our affiliate programme is free to join, like most are. And you don’t have to buy an inventory.

Generate a steady income

Once you get to grips with affiliate marketing and you’ve managed to start generating good volumes of leads, you can earn a good income using this form of marketing. And you don’t even have to make it your full-time job – it’s certainly a project you can run on the side of your main career.

Are you generating high-quality leads for home improvements that you think you can earn more money from? Speak to us about joining our affiliate programme today.

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