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5 Email Marketing Tips to Keep out of the Spam Folder


Over the last decade, marketing practices have changed dramatically as the way that people communicate change. But despite all of this, email is still the most popular way for consumers to interact with businesses.

And 70% of emails are considered junk, so you’ve got to ensure that your emails aren’t part of that 70%.

So what can you do to avoid the spam folder? You’ll need to segment your emails properly to ensure that you don’t end up with high unsubscribe rates. Try our 5 email marketing tips to see if you can improve your strategy and stay out of people’s junk mail.

1. Get to know your audience

If you’re sending email blasts to generic lists, you need to stop that now. Readers are getting wise to marketing practices and will spot if your email is too vague. Gather data on your audience – that is, people that fit your buyer personas – so they will identify with the content on the email. Make sure you:

  • Identify your target demographics
  • Get to know the cultural background of this demographic
  • Keep up to date with news and trends in your niche
  • Find out what your buyers’ likes, dislikes and needs are

2. Collect smart data

Think carefully about the data that you require for your segments – too many data points are overwhelming. Decide which points are most important for your email campaign and which points have no importance in your creative process.

3. Create personas

This is one of the most important email marketing tips. Personas illustrate your ideal customers. You should find out the reasons why your ideal customers convert and then create personas using this information. They should speak to your audience and allow your audience to identify with them to help you create a compelling email that your audience wants to read.

4. Link your content to your emails

Don’t forget that you should have the same message across all your marketing operations – if you update your emails to include your target personas, make sure you add these to your website that you’re driving traffic to as well.

It’s also a great idea to personalise emails; if you have the customer’s name, add that in, and any other information that may be relevant to your campaign. This may include a product that they’ve shown interest in before or where they live.

5. Keep updating your segments

As much as we’d like it to be, email marketing optimisation isn’t something you can do once then leave it to generate leads. You’ll need to conduct analysis on your data and carry on the research of trends and consumer behaviour, as the market is constantly changing. Make sure your email strategy is adaptable and has some give in it in case things go wrong.

If you implement these email marketing tips and follow the basic rules of email marketing, you should notice that you keep out of people’s junk folders a whole lot better.


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Emily Rivers

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