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5 Design Mistakes you’re Making that are Impacting your Content


Content marketing is key to lead generation. And since people are reading less and less, visual content will be a huge part of your content marketing strategy. That means that you might be making some design mistakes without even realising.

Visual content is crucial to communicate your ideas to your readers. But if you get the design wrong, you can potentially stop yourself from generating leads. Read on to find out about the top 5 design mistakes and how to fix them.

1. Misalignment

If you want to get the most from your visual content, you need to help your readers to read it. If all your content on the infographic or other medium is misaligned, it’ll look out of balance and potential customers will find it much harder to understand.

The best way to avoid sloppy misalignment is to put everything in a grid. It will help you ensure that everything lines up properly and make it as easy as possible for your readers to digest.

2. Overuse of colour

design mistakes fontUsing colour in your visual content is a must. But you have to use it wisely, otherwise you risk confusing your readers yet again. Overuse of colour will stop your readers from focusing on the parts that you want them to remember. Instead, it will make them squint and strain and give up on reading the information altogether.

To avoid confusing your readers, plan a colour scheme and stick to it. Use your brand colours if it’s appropriate, and choose one dominant colour with two accent colours.

3. Choosing bad fonts

There are so many fun fonts out there that it can be tempting to pick a crazy one alongside illustrations. But using multiple styles with illustrations between headings will look messy and stop the reader’s flow.

Pick one font family to use in your infographic or other content and don’t use any more than three type styles to keep everything looking clean and tidy.

4. Using the wrong resolution

One of the worst things that you see in visual content is that the designer has used the wrong resolution or has made the image too small. You’ll need to make sure that you’ve got the right resolution for the format you’re using, whether it’s print or online. That might mean producing different files in multiple formats and sizes if you’re going to be using the content in lots of different places.

5. Adding too many illustrations

Visual media, particularly infographics, look great with illustrations. But make sure you don’t overuse them. Illustrations do just that – illustrate your points. So if something doesn’t enhance what you’re saying, don’t include it.

The key to visual content is to question everything you include. If it doesn’t help you make your point, you probably don’t need to include it. Stay away from these design mistakes and you’ll create great visual content that helps you convert more leads.

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