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4 Tips to Increase your Form Conversion Rates


A good lead capture form is vital if you want to maximise your lead generation. But what makes a good form? We’ve come up with some tips that will help your form change from a low-performer to a high-converting lead generation tool.

1. Keep it short

Don’t bore your prospect with unnecessary fields. If you ask for too much information, they’re more likely to start filling in the form then leave your site when they realise how many fields they need to fill in.

Just ask your potential customers for the information you need. You should find that your conversion rates increase. However, you should always test what works for you, as occasionally having fields can improve your form’s conversion rate.

2. Don’t make your form look like a form

It sounds counter-intuitive, but make your form look different to a form. No one likes filling out forms, whether online or on paper. Make your form seem fun by using large, clickable images and sliders. You’ll still get the same information from the consumer, but it’s more likely that they’ll give you their details in the first place.

3. Use clickable elements

Having to think and type puts consumers off. But if they just have to point their mouse and click, it’s a different story. In psychology, clicking movements are called ‘motor actions’ and typing is known as a ‘cognitive action’. The less we have to think to fill in a form, the more likely we are to complete it, so consider reducing the amount of typing the prospect has to do.

4. Tailor your questions to the person

Do you ask the same questions to all your prospects? Would it be better if you tailored your questions to the person? Consider hiding or displaying some questions based on previous answers from the prospect so each question is relevant to them.

Not only does this method allow you to get more relevant information from potential customers, but it also allows you to segment them better.

The best thing to do with any of the tips to increase the conversion rates of your forms is to test them out. Test each thing separately then implement the methods that work best for you.

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Emily Rivers

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