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3 Myths about Affiliate Marketing Busted

    Affiliate marketing is often misinterpreted and as a result there are plenty of myths surround the strategy. Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish the truth from the myths, so here are the top 3 myths with the reality behind them.

    1. Affiliate marketing is an outdated strategy

    If you’ve heard that affiliate marketing is a thing of the past, that’s not strictly true. Google is always changing its algorithms for SEO, which is discouraging link building. But that doesn’t mean there’s no point in starting or carrying on with affiliate marketing.

    Ensure that you consistently monitor your campaigns and you won’t have any link problems with Google. As long as you keep it up to date, Google won’t penalise your campaign since it is relevant to consumers.

    2. You need to work in a popular niche to earn money from affiliate marketing

    It’s not true that you need to work in a huge market for you to earn from affiliate marketing. Smaller markets will appreciate your hard work towards generating leads for their companies.

    Approach companies that have clear goals and a mission statement so you know exactly what you’re expected to do. You’ll also ensure that you maximise your revenues.

    3. You’ll only be successful if you work on multiple sites promoting the company’s product

    The key to affiliate marketing is to focus all your time on driving traffic and maximising conversions. And the best way to do that is by using one site.

    According to a study by Three Ladders Marketing, SEO drives the most traffic from affiliates, followed by social media (60%). You can only generate a lot of traffic and therefore lots of leads if you dedicate time to it and focus on one area that you’ll do well.

    Affiliate marketing isn’t easy. But ensure you know the niche that your client works for and you’ve researched all the methods that will drive the most traffic and conversions. That way, you should be able to earn a great income from affiliate marketing.

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