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22 of the Best Words to Use in Your CTAs


Your call to actions are a vital part of your landing pages and other online marketing efforts. But, many affiliate marketers aren’t making full use of their CTAs.

Your button or CTA text should be optimised for the specific page that it’s appearing on. It needs to be clear what the action the user is taking is – avoid generic CTAs like ‘submit’.

CTAs should be a clear instruction to your customers. Getting this right is vital. Even if you’ve optimised the rest of your page, a generic or irrelevant CTA can hurt your conversion rates.

So, to help you come up with unusual CTAs that still convert well, we’ve come up with a list of words you can use in your CTAs. See if you’re already using some of these, and if you’re not, think about changing up your CTAs!

Personal words

  1. You/Your – These words can personalise your CTA and make it feel like a relevant action to your customers.
  2. Me/My – These words help to give your customers ownership of their journey through your site.

Value words

  1. Want – Use ‘want’ to frame your question CTAs, by asking things like ‘Want to get a great price?’
  2. Need – ‘Need’ is more urgent than ‘want’. Ask questions like ‘Need a quote for electrical work?’
  3. Try – Use this word to reassure customers that they can test out your product, e.g. ‘Try today!’
  4. Free – Who doesn’t love free content? Use CTAs like ‘Get your free guide’ to offer valuable content.
  5. Save – Using ‘save’ is great to encourage your customers to put a financial value on your product. Try ‘Save time and money’.

Use verbs to drive conversions

  1. Learn – This is a great way to drive customers who are still doing research through your sales process. By encouraging them to learn more about your product, you can encourage them to convert.
  2. Start – ‘Start’ is a great way to encourage a customer to visualise your end goals. ‘Start your project today’ will help your customer to feel that the process will happen quickly.
  3. Stop – On the other hand, use ‘stop’ to highlight how you can help your customer. ‘Stop wasting your time’, for example.
  4. Join – Using ‘join’ is a great way to help your customer feel like they’re part of something.
  5. Build or grow – These words will highlight the actions your customers can take to achieve their goals. ‘Grow your business’ or ‘Build your customer base’, for example.

Turn your CTAs into negative questions

  1. Worried – This is a great way to tap into a customer’s potential fears about their business. ‘Worried about losing profits?’ is a good way to attach your product to a negative consequence.
  2. Confused – By using ‘confused’ in your CTAs, you can drive your customers to seek more information about the problems they’re facing.
  3. Troubled – This word encourages your customers to see their problems as inconveniences that can be fixed.
  4. Sick – Sick is a good way to encourage exasperation, and to suggest that your product will offer a solution.

Offer a reason for the action

  1. Find – Your customers are curious, and are often looking for information to carry out their own research. Reflect this in your CTAs by using words like ‘find’, inviting them to ‘find out’ information.
  2. Get – ‘Get’ is a great word for straightforward CTAs that are clear about their offer. ‘Get your quotes now’, for example.
  3. Why – Using ‘why’ is a great way to offer a reason in the form of a question. ‘Why not get quotes today?’

Create a sense of urgency with your CTAs

  1. Today – ‘Today’ is a great way to encourage urgency, as well as highlighting how quick the process will be.
  2. Before – ‘Before’ also creates urgency. You can use it to encourage your customers to take action quickly.
  3. Now – Using ‘now’ is a great way to create urgency, as well as show your customers that the action can be taken immediately. ‘Get your quotes now’.

It’s important to experiment with your CTAs to make sure they’re performing as well as they could. However, make sure that you’re clear about what action you want your customers to take.

We want to hear from you! Send us your top CTA tips @QuotatisPartner.

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